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20% Discount for New Customers

Recruiting and engineering leaders have two options to vet the engineering applicants - to use a coding test, or do all interviews manually.

Today's legacy coding tests are mutually disliked by both employers and candidates. These tests are easily cheat-able (questions are posted online), and not representative of the day-to-day job. They're almost insulting to candidates, who are tried of filling out yet another Leetcode/textbook style coding problem.

If you interview candidates manually, you limit the number of applications that can be considered for the role. You introduce bias into your hiring process, and your pace of hiring slows to a snail's pace.

There has been no perfect solution - until now.

Why Ropes?

Ropes is still an async test, so you can scale to evaluate as many candidates as you like. But our tests are dynamic, so you get the same performance data as your top engineering interviewers today.

Imagine if you had another team of engineers standing by, ready to help you interview all of your applicants. You could spend time with each applicant, making the hiring process more fair. You could easily identify top performers, raising your onsite pass %. You could provide a unique, engaging experience to candidates, instead of sending them another boring Leetcode test.

Transform your team's goals - and help your candidates - by seeing Ropes in action today. Just fill out the form below!

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Ropes is a new way to vet engineering talent. They use AI to create async tests to mimic live, technical interviews.

Are you not satisfied with your coding test today? If you had an extra entire team of engineers to help you interview talent, would you be able to hire faster? If your answer is "yes" - you should talk to Ropes!

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