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Insurance Protection for your Recruitment Business

Legal action is a threat to businesses of all sizes. Having strong insurance in place for your recruitment business provides peace of mind, allowing you to grow freely and without worry.

Qdos can help you arrange the right insurance for your recruiting business whether you are looking for comprehensive insurance that will cover your agency, umbrella company, or payroll provision, or you are looking for a scheme to cover the contract workers you place.

As with all professions, recruiters are expected to operate with professionalism and diligence. However, even where suitable safeguarding and quality control measures have been taken, mistakes can still happen. If that mistake causes a financial loss to a third party (or a third party simply alleges a mistake to have been made) the cost of simply defending such a claim alone can be extremely high. Our insurance protects against this eventuality and provides valuable security to your business.

Qdos’ Recruitment insurance has also been enhanced to cover a variety of cyber risks including data protection defence and hacker damage. This important added cover provides additional peace of mind in an environment where cyber risks are increasingly prevalent.

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Off-Payroll Working (IR35)

For over 20 years contractors have been managing their own employment tax status under the original iteration of the IR35 legislation. The Off-Payroll working rules were introduced into the public sector on 6th April 2017, and the private sector on 6th April 2021 to change that.

Put simply, the reform changed who was responsible for determining status, and carrying liability for additional tax resulting from non-compliance, under the IR35 legislation. Companies who hire limited company contractors are responsible for checking the employment status of their workers, and fee-payers (the businesses which directly pay the contractor’s company) are responsible for any tax shortfall resulting from worker misclassification.  .

This change in legislation requires businesses, recruitment agencies, and consultancies  to be mindful of their IR35 exposure, and take reasonable measure to ensure compliant operations. Qdos are the UK’s leading IR35 advisers and have helped over 2,800 businesses like yours manage off-payroll working (OPW). Whilst understanding the complex legislation itself can prove tricky, there are some simple steps your business can follow to ensure compliance.

From end-to-end assessment services and IR35 insurance to reviewing your outsourced service arrangements, we can help you write policies, implement processes, and keep your projects on track.

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