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50% discount on Solo package and 20% discount on other packages

Why Recfindr?

Recfindr is a platform designed to simplify the recruitment process for hiring managers by allowing them to take control and choose the right recruiters for their needs. It offers a free service where managers can search for, approach, and review recruiters based on their expertise and industry focus, ensuring a match that aligns with their hiring criteria. The right recruiters worth their weight in gold. The wrong one’s cold call you 3 times on a Monday. On Recfindr, you call the shots. You make the approach. So, you can ignore every cold call from now until the end of time.

For agency recruiters, Recfindr is a BD tool that works for your client, so it works for you. Limit the cold calls you make. Delete your shoddy email templates. Let your clients find you.

Features and Benefits

Top Clients

Find top new clients searching for the right recruiter. Stop 'sign off' surprises. Cancel internal candidate chaos.

Stand out

Get inbound business that's relevant to your niche. Be known for your specialism, not your sales pitch.

Chat freely

Hang up your headset.

Be verified

You won't find fakes, flakes or mistakes on Recfindr.

Access Your Discount

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