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Membership Form and Rules


We want a healthy community ❤️


We are building a safe space for people to join. We do not tolerate sexism, racism, ageism, bullying or any kind of discrimination. There is no excuse for this and we will permanently ban any offenders from the community. 🫶


If you are getting unsolicited DMs or if a member is spamming please report it to any Admin. We do not tolerate unapproved sales pitches, spam and harassment.



Our Code of Conduct outlines expectations regarding participants’ behaviour. We promote freedom of expression and open communication, but we expect participants to follow our code of conduct. Participants should avoid offending other members, participating in serious disputes, and disrupting the environment of our slack. We also expect that all participants will treat each other with respect and equality in mind in order to ensure that this is a safe and fun place for everyone involved. This code applies to all participants on The Talent Community.



Compliance with the Law: All participants must comply with the laws. We expect participants to be ethical and responsible. Any and all information gathered from #thetalentcommunity for any publication purposes must be appropriately acknowledged as coming from The Talent Community and it’s members.

Respect: All participants should show the utmost respect for other members. We have a zero tolerance for discriminatory behaviour, harassment or victimisation. We also want to promote an environment of equality among all members, so we expect no racism, sexism, xenophobia, and no prejudice due to sexual orientation or preference.

Harassment: All participants must follow guidelines regarding harassment. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to equality, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and no prejudice due to sexual orientation or preference.

Communication and Collaboration: We want to foster a safe and friendly environment for recruiters  who want to join, so we expect participants to be friendly and open for communication. Participants should also avoid purposely offending other members and participating in serious disputes.

Anonymity: We expect members to provide their name, position and photo on their profile in order to participate. If there’s an issue with sharing your full name please contact us at, and we can consider additional options.

Policies: All participants should read and follow our code of conduct. If participants have questions, they should contact the administrators at

Users: Any Recruiters from in-house, agency or RPO’s are welcome to join. We also welcome students planning to begin their career in recruitment. However, our vision was to create a space for recruiters to discuss common issues and victories, to connect with each other, and to have a fun place to express themselves. There may be sensitive discussion between recruiters, and we want the group to feel relatively free to discuss without fear of possible repercussions from advisors/PIs/etc. 



If a person notices that the code of conduct is not being followed, please report to the administrators at The first report against a person will result in a warning. A second offense will result in the user being suspended indefinitely from our group.


🤫 We’re a community that respect each and every member. With that said, what is said in the community falls under Code of Conduct. 


We request you respect this, and anyone using information shared in here for personal gain (lead gen etc.) without consent from the individual will be removed from the community permanently. But let’s face it, who’s would break this rule in front of their peers across internal TA, Agency Rec, RPO and Vendors. That’s just kamikaze in action! 💥



We request all members to upload a profile picture. It’s easier for members to respond and engage with content when your profile is more personalised. 



We understand we won’t have thought of every channel to meet the communities’ needs. So if you think of a channel that you feel the community would really benefit from, please reach out to one of the Admins who will create this.*


*We will not use mass invites when creating new channels

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