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Vendor Offers

Our members can take advantage of exclusive discounts from the best vendors in the market. 

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AssessFirst: AI & behavioral science for unbiased hiring, with a user-friendly design. A 2023 Fosway 9 Grid specialist!

Assessment Tool

15% Discount off for 1st year of subscription

Alva Labs

Comprehensive candidate assessments for efficient, confident hiring, ensuring a fair job market and quality experience.

Assessment Tool

Free 30-minute consultation & 10% Discount on Scale or Enterprise Year 1 Package


Applied is the essential ATS for inclusive, predictive and efficient hiring.


10% off all 1 year subscription, and 15% of all 2 years subscriptions


Boost diverse hiring effortlessly, connecting you with skilled candidates via 100+ partners, all while lowering costs.

Advertising Platform

10% Discount for New Customers


Inclusive interview intelligence software: an end-to-end digital.

AI Recruiting Assistant

10% Discount for community members


Optimize workflows with Factorial: time, talent, payroll, finance & more. Enhance management, focus on people's best!


20% Discount for all TTC Members

Flexa Careers

Flexa: The global hub for verified flexible employers, connecting you with job seekers who value work flexibility!

Advertising Platform

10% Discount for all community members


Connect tech talent and companies via our hiring platform, enhancing skills, employer branding, and D&I insights!

Advertising Platform

10% off a hackajob package when signing up via the discount page


Connect with 50k+ tech talent on Haystack: Discover, match, and hire innovatively across the UK's tech scene!

Advertising Platform

10% Discount for New Customers

Horsefly Analytics

Streamline your Talent Acquisition Research

Talent Intelligence

5% off year 1 subscription


Intrro: Manage referrals, find matches, boost engagement with incentives, leaderboards, & gamification in one place!

Employee Referral Tool

25% Discount for all community members


AI-driven interview summaries tailored for recruitment, integrating seamlessly with your current tools for efficiency.

AI Recruiting Assistant

20% off your first year of Metaview


Hire in 160 countries! Omnipresent takes care of onboarding, payroll, local compliance, benefits and more.

Back Office / EOR

50% off setup, 15% off monthly management fee


Otta: Top tech hiring with 1.5M+ candidates. Get quality apps, high response rates, & be found by the best talent!

Advertising Platform

10% Discount for all community members


Easy-to-use ATS to attract, hire, and onboard top talent with flexibility to scale and adapt to your needs.


10% Discount for community members


Purpl is the peer-to-peer learning and development platform for internal & embedded talent acquisition teams

Recruitment Training

10% Discount for all TTC Members


Streamline contract recruitment with our comprehensive back office solution, ensuring timely pay and stable cash flow!

Recruitment Platform

50% Discount Across Packages for 1st month of services

Real Links

Real Links revolutionizes referrals & brand advocacy, driving strategic TA goals with engaging, scalable campaigns.

Employee Referral Tool

Exclusive 20% TTC Discount!

Recite Me

Ensure digital inclusivity with our accessibility software, making your website user-friendly for everyone!

Accessibility Tool

10% Discount for New Customers (please mention TTC when requesting a demo) Elevate recruiters with insights, boosting productivity across staffing, internal roles & RPOs

Recruiter Enablement Platform

Month 1 - 50% discount (5 for €250), Month 2 - 30% discount (5 for €350) , Month 3 10% discount (5 for €450) for New Customers


Elevate hiring with our ATS and employer branding tools; user-friendly for all businesses, ensuring GDPR compliance.


15% Discount Across Packages


Easy video interviews, vast integrations, save 36 hrs/month, all while contributing to global eco-efforts!

Assessment Tool

10% Monthly Discount for New Customers


Wiser is an award-winning Employer Branding and Early Talent agency.

Employer Branding Agency

To be discussed with the client and based on clients requirements


Workable: SMEs' choice for easy, automated hiring, predictive candidate recommendations, and pay-as-you-go flexibility!


10% Discount on any annual plan


Swift global background checks and comprehensive reference checking in one, enhancing your hiring process at scale!

Background Checks

10% Discount Across Packages


iO-Sphere: Diverse, trained data analyst talent pool for rapid, quality hiring and strategic advantage.


Exclusive TTC Offer % placements

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