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15% Discount off for 1st year of subscription

What is AssessFirst?

AssessFirst combines cutting edge behavioural science and artificial intelligence. Built upon solid psychological foundations, use of the assessment suite significantly reduces bias in hiring: Helping you to make the best recruitment, management and people development decisions possible.

AssessFirst is scientifically reliable, innovative for candidates and intuitively designed to enable HR and Talent teams to use at scale: Gathering useful, high quality data on candidates and the wider workforce.

Proud to be named a 2023 Fosway 9 Grid assessment specialist, we provide you with multiple modules to address candidate attraction, recruitment and development challenges.

Here’s what you can expect from us: 

• A valid scientific approach leveraging AI

• An obsession with the user experience 

• A return on your investment

A.I. + Machine Learning

AssessFirst’s Science & Innovation teams have designed a unique Artificial Intelligence that can process data from several million profiles to automatically generate predictive models.

Selecting your employees on the basis of their potential, their soft skills and their fit with your culture allows you to recruit people who will perform at the highest level, faster, longer.

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