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20% Discount for all TTC Members

Who are Factorial?

Factorial is the leading HR software for SMEs. Factorial provides intuitive HR solutions that automate and centralise administrative tasks to provide insights and help your business run smoothly.

Factorial offers solutions to manage time, talent, recruitment, expenses, documents and performance to name a few. The e-signature allows your employees to digitally sign documents legally and securely. The all-in-one, user-friendly platform makes it easier for businesses to focus on what really matters: people and growth.

Factorial has grown x3 every year for the past 10 years becoming the biggest growth HR start up of Spain's history.

All your HR processes in a single place

Factorial converts never-ending, manual processes into integrated, effective ones. So that in addition to managing people, you can dedicate yourself to bringing out the best in them. 

Do you want to speed up your paperwork and make your business grow? Make it possible thanks to Factorial's features.

  • Time Management

  • Talent Management

  • Payroll

  • Finance

  • and much more

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