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Team Me

15% Discount off for 1st year of subscription

How it Works:

Create Your First Employee Videos:

1. Unleash your employees’ potential with our exceptional question templates for creating impressive content. Alternatively, you can leverage Team Me's professional services team to help you generate the best employee content out there.

2. Tag and Upload Your Videos to Our Platform:

Our branded video library helps you organize all company videos and streams in one place, making it easy for teams to manage their content.

3. Integrate Your ATS and Open Positions:

Connect your ATS to your video feed so that your video feed operates seamlessly with your openings.

4. Start Sharing Positions with Videos:

Drive higher engagement rates by embedding your video feed on your career site or by sending your videos to candidates in your job postings, emails, or sourcing messages.

What’s the Impact of Team Me?

Companies that have used Team Me have managed to increase their recruitment marketing KPIs. They were able to dramatically increase the time candidates spent on their career site or successfully rise above the noise and attract top talent to join their team.

You can read more about our case studies here:

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