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What can Wiser do for you?

Having creative and talent in-house means clients have a single partnership with Wiser, rather than working with lots different agencies to build their brands and talent strategy. By transforming employer brands and changing cultures from the ground up through early talent, we truly change the way people think about work.

How does it work?

We usually start with an EVP (Employee Value Proposition). Our research team dives deep into how your current people feel about work, and how your brand is showing up in the market for talent. Our creative teams use these talent insights to build stunning employer brand assets and recruitment marketing campaigns to captivate a fresh new audience of talent.

Building a reputation as an incredible employer starts with understanding your current position and the market you’re playing in. Through internal and external research, we get to the crux of what makes talent tick at your business. Our employer brand researchers and strategists build compelling EVPs and track their effectiveness over time using Wisdom, our bespoke employer brand measurement tool. Our creatives develop detailed and beautiful brand guidelines to bring your employer brand narrative to life.

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