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Build diverse and high-performing teams with Clu

Clu helps Employers who want to hire more diverse talent without increasing costs because society now demands greater inclusion, but most organisations need some help delivering this. We are a recruitment platform that scales Employer success in attracting, hiring, and retaining diverse candidates.

Clu is supported by real-time diversity insights, giving employers an enhanced understanding of how to optimise engagement and where the access and inclusion gaps are in their talent processes. They can then plug these gaps through Clu’s innovative features like the skills extractor, which helps you optimise your talent pools based on the technical, transferable and behavioural skills you're hiring for.

Unlike job boards and other talent-tech solutions, we have grown a partner ecosystem of over 100 education, training and charity organisations that use Clu to get their service users into work based on their skills. This means employers connect with more relevant, skills-aligned talent quicker and inherit the trust we have cultivated with these communities, all whilst plugging skills gaps, improving retention and reducing overall talent overheads.

Clu makes inclusive hiring easy for everyone.

Unparalleled access to skills-aligned, diverse talent

Clu is an inclusive recruitment platform that scales Employer success in attracting, hiring and retaining diverse candidates.

We use AI, behavioural psychology and a long overdue dose of ethics to transform the talent lifecycle and scale the successes of organisations looking to sustainably diversify their workforce.

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