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10% discount off your first month

The hiring tool used by technology-led companies to find active people, fill their pipelines and make direct hires.

Qet Qualified applications

Simply post your position and instantly receive messages from qualified, experienced people within seconds.

  • Only relevant applications Every person who applies to you has experience working in a technology/product company. No more irrelevant applications.

  • All information upfront Every applicant comes with essential information upfront. Clear salary expectations, skills, experience, education & visa status saves you hours each week.

Message active people

Thousands of highly responsive people make sourcing as simple as sending a message. Every person on cord is pre-verified, experienced and actively looking for work.

  • Streams of pre-verified active people Be the first to know when someone starts looking for work with real-time Slack and email notifications.

  • 4x better responses Advanced message templating, combined with smart follow-ups mean outreach messages turn into people in your pipeline.

Supercharge your pipeline

People sourced from cord move straight into your pipeline. Download the CV or send the profile directly to your ATS.

  • Interviews booked in seconds, not minutes Cut the back and forth by using cord's Interview Scheduler. People can book directly into your diary, speeding up the hiring process.

  • People sent to your ATS instantly Integrate your ATS, link your positions and get people sourced from cord sent straight into your ATS. No manual work needed.

Make direct hires

Active, qualified people perform better in your pipeline than other sources. Thousands of hires have been made on cord to date.

  • No hiring fees Pay a flat monthly subscription and cancel anytime. Companies on cord save up to 10x on their traditional recruitment costs.

  • Scale your team Entire tech and product team are built on cord. From early-stage start-ups through to Fortune 500s.

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