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Technology continues to drive the world forward. From rockets that land themselves in the middle of the ocean to AI that continues to shatter the status quo, ultimately, it's the people behind these activities that are writing the code to build the future of the world, today.

At hackajob, we exist to bring these people together with the companies that need them to continue driving the world forward. To continue building the future.

By creating the best-in-class experience with a candidate-centric platform, tech professionals can leverage us to learn new skills, participate in community events, engage directly with employers and ultimately, find their next role.

Through our full-stack hiring platform, companies are able to directly source talent through a two-sided marketplace, craft a compelling employer brand to a community of over 500k tech professionals, conduct online assessments and remote interviews; as well as generate powerful insights about their diversity and inclusion performance.

Our platform is underpinned by over 50 million first-party data points on technical professionals that leverage proprietary AI models to enable companies to get an 85% response rate, to individuals they message via our marketplace; whilst reducing the number of applications to make a hire by 7x.

Hire top tech talent in just 17 days or less!

Instantly hire active job seekers from our pool of 500,000+ candidates, including Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Product Managers, Data Scientists, UX/UI Designers and many more.

Find high-intent, ready-to-hire tech candidates looking for their next role.

Our AI assisted algorithm, matches you with candidates who have the skills you’re looking for, meaning you can build out your tech teams quickly and effectively, providing on average, a 260% ROI in just 12 months.

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