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Exclusive TTC Offer % placements

Training & Talent,

At iO-Sphere, we are creating a new pool of trained, high-quality data analysts for our partner employers to hire. All of our candidates go through a 10-week training programme that recreates a high-performing analytics team so they have both the hard skills (stats, SQL, Excel, PowerBI, and Python), and professional skills needed to hit the ground running (collaboration, storytelling, communication, prioritisation, presenting).

Our continuous pipeline of new talent gives our partners a strategic advantage by allowing them to quickly hire and scale by bypassing the existing market. And our financial model means that we can access a completely different group of people than our partners currently have access to - one that is significantly more diverse - without having to sacrifice on quality.

We offer a unique and bespoke offer to our clients, which enables us to upskill our analysts however they require, before and/or during the placement. This allows our clients to have employees that can hit the ground running.From a TA/People perspective, we provide immense support to our clients recruitment by:

  • DE&I candidate shortlists as we have removed the financial barriers to kickstart a career in Analytics

  • Time to hire - as we have a constant flow of candidates ready to interview as soon as the job brief is provided to us

  • Quality of candidate - Our Analysts are trained and upskilled to a level which surpasses the industry standard at this level

Talent solutions to suit your needs
How it works

Step 1: We source talented & ambitious individuals and only select the best

Step 2: We train them over 10 weeks with our Experience Accelerator model

Step 3: Our employers choose how they want to access our exceptional and diverse talent

Step 4: We match our talent with our employers

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