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Welcome to the RecruitRight Standard: 

The Gold Standard in Ethical Recruitment Accredition

Setting a new benchmark for ethical and professional excellence in the recruitment industry.

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Why RecruitRight?

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Trust and Integrity:

Agencies awarded the RecruitRight Standard are meticulously vetted to ensure they embody the highest ethical practices, transparency, and integrity. 

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100M Quality Assurance:

The RecruitRight Standard is synonymous with quality, and achieving this accreditation is no small feat with over 100 metrics evaluated.

Commitment to Excellence:

Agencies with the RecruitRight Standard are not just industry leaders; they are pioneers of continuous improvement and excellence. 


As an in-house Talent Acquisition leader, I'm responsible for partnering with agencies that not only understand our needs but also uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. The introduction of the RecruitRight Standard has been a game-changer in this regard. It offers a seal of trust and quality, assuring us that accredited agencies have undergone rigorous vetting and adhere to the best ethical practices in the industry.

This accreditation is not just a badge of honor for the agencies; it's a reassurance for us in-house teams

Dipesh Gurung - Global Head of Talent Acquisition, VP @ LMAX Group

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How It Works

Evaluation Process: Rigorous Standards, Exceptional Agencies

RecruitRight's evaluation process is a meticulous blend of client satisfaction reviews, ethical practice assessments, diversity and inclusion efforts, and successful placement rates. This comprehensive approach ensures that only the most exemplary agencies achieve the RecruitRight Standard, setting a benchmark for excellence in recruitment.

Benefits for Agencies: Elevate Your Agency's Prestige

Earning the RecruitRight accreditation propels agencies to the forefront of the industry. It's a mark of trust and quality, opening doors to a network of elite professionals and enhancing credibility. This prestigious recognition is not just an accolade; it's a catalyst for growth and excellence.

Benefits for In-House Teams: Partner with the Best

Choosing RecruitRight accredited agencies means in-house teams collaborate with the best in recruitment. These agencies are vetted for their ethical standards and effectiveness, ensuring a reliable and professional recruitment experience. It's more than a partnership; it's a commitment to quality and integrity in talent acquisition.

How to Get Accredited

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Application Submission: 

Begin by completing our online application form, detailing your agency's practices and achievements.

Evaluation Process:

Our team will work with you directly and rigorously assess your agency against our established criteria.

Feedback and Improvement: 

Receive detailed feedback, with opportunities for improvement if needed.

Achieving Accreditation:

Successful agencies will be awarded the RecruitRight Standard, typically within a 6-8 week timeline from application to accreditation.

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James Goddard

Known for his innovative approach to talent acquisition, Alex ensures agencies meet the dynamic demands of the modern workforce.

Linda Doe

With a keen focus on data-driven recruitment strategies, Linda brings a meticulous and analytical perspective to the certification process.

Michael Doe

A veteran in global talent sourcing, Michael's expertise lies in elevating recruitment standards across international markets.

Sarah Doe

Dedicated to fostering candidate-centric recruitment, Sarah's evaluations are integral to enhancing the candidate experience.

Jon Doe

A seasoned HR professional with a passion for upholding the highest standards in recruitment ethics and effectiveness.

Jane Doe

Renowned for her expertise in diversity and inclusion, Emma brings a critical eye to ensuring equitable recruitment practices.

Raj Doe

With a rich background in tech recruitment, Raj specializes in aligning talent strategies with cutting-edge industry needs.

Sophia Calm

A champion of transparent and efficient recruitment processes, Sophia's insights are pivotal in shaping industry best practices.


The Talent Community Newsletter_edited_e

Yasar Ahmad

As a thought leader in HR technology, Yasar advises on integrating innovative solutions to elevate recruitment practices.

Sean Allen

An esteemed advisor, Sean offers strategic insights drawn from his extensive experience in global talent management and organizational development

James Doe

With a deep understanding of employment law, Carlos provides crucial guidance on compliance and ethical recruitment standards.

Nina Doe

Renowned for her work in employee engagement, Nina's advice is key to aligning recruitment processes with candidate satisfaction and retention.


How Much Does It Cost?

It's completely FREE to sign up for accreditation; however, we are limiting accreditations to 500 agencies for 2024.

What Metrics Do You Use to Measure?
It's completely FREE to sign up for accreditation; however, we are limiting accreditations to 500 agencies for 2024.

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