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Secure The Best Talent Faster And Fairer

Equitas is transforming hiring through the use of technology and data to foster engaging conversations that provide each candidate or employee with equal opportunities while enabling HR teams to make quicker decisions with confidence.

Equitas is your anti-bias, compliant interview assistant that guides you in the fairest way to conduct and score live interviews, helping you to build diverse teams. We are Interview Intelligence designed for fair and inclusive hiring.

Reduce time to hire and provide a better interviewer and candidate experience.

Our interview platform automates manual tasks by having a centralised system so your top performers can be identified quicker.   

Track progress with candidates across multiple rounds of interviews.

For high volume campaigns you also have the ability to quickly sort candidates, filter by benchmark scores and encourage a range of opinions on a candidate from diverse interview panels.

Provide A Fair And Inclusive Hiring Process

Achieve your diversity, equity and inclusion goals faster by reducing bias in the interview process.

  • Use data capture, structured interview questions, and panel interviews to ensure you build highly effective and diverse teams.

  • Promote fair and inclusive interviewing, while providing full transparency across the whole hiring process.

  • Leverage Interview intelligence to ensure objective and more informed hiring decisions are made.

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