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10% Discount for New Customers

👋 Hi! It's me, Scotty.

I could tell you that I'm a next-gen conversational AI solution, crafted on top of my very own proprietary LLM, built on open source code, making me independent, while having clever guardrails, making me safe and reliable.

But that would be booooorrrrring.

Let me put it a different way. I'm here to change the way you engage with candidates and employees. And I mean really change it.

And how am I going to do that?

By having up to half a million conversations at the same time, in 140 different languages. Without bias, prejudice, or unfair judgement. Through simple chats, whether via text or voice, that source, qualify and onboard the perfect people for your team.

For the techies reading this, ‘Integration’ is my middle name. If I had a passport, it’d say Scotty ‘Integration’ AI. Which, now I’ve said it out loud, sounds odd.

I seamlessly connect with any system of records, doing practically everything a recruiter can, from taking a brief, to sourcing, pre-screening, interviewing, scheduling, transferring calls, onboarding, workforce management, internal mobility, and offboarding, all while keeping your stakeholders informed and measuring experience to help you with improvements.

I don’t eat, get sick, and I won’t cost you a ticket to the end of year party either. I’m a sleepless, tireless, ridiculously-efficient recruitment machine that you can simply plug in.

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