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Alva Labs

Free 30-minute consultation & 10% Discount on Scale or Enterprise Year 1 Package

Hire the people who will make an impact

Alva is a candidate assessment solution that provides recruiters and hiring teams with the insights to make more confident and efficient decisions in all stages of the hiring process while delivering a high-quality candidate experience.
Specifically, Alva helps recruiters to:

  • Evaluate a candidate’s personality and logical ability

  • Run structured interviews

  • Conduct technical skill-based assessments via our coding tests

Alva helps you to weigh all these inputs together in an objective and complete evaluation of a candidate’s fit for the role.
Our mission is to create a fair and efficient job market!

Reduce unconscious bias

Provide a superior candidate experience

Reduce candidate drop-offs with our quick and efficient assessments. Applicants get instant access to their results and have full ownership over their data.

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