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Real Links

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Changing the game for employer brand advocacy and referrals

Real Links is an award-winning technology platform dedicated to reimagining referrals and employer brand advocacy.

Real Links automates referral & advocacy campaigns to support a range of strategic TA objectives, including employer brand, early careers hiring, ED&I hiring and day-to-day hiring drives across your business. You can set up multiple campaigns dedicated to a specific business need in just a few easy steps.

Traditional approaches to referrals and advocacy result in a quick decline in engagement, as employees are expected to refer roles and share content all year round. We know this doesn’t work, so our solution is to leverage your employees and their networks to build brand advocacy and drive referral candidates as and when strategically needed.

This game-changing campaign-led approach to employer brand advocacy and employee referrals is highly engaging, produces rapid results and is easily scalable.


Make referrals and advocacy actively strategic

Real Links puts the power back in the hands of talent acquisition professionals by making referrals and advocacy actively strategic. We'll help you:

  • Fill hard to fill tech roles

  • Support early careers hiring

  • Meet ED&I objectives

  • Maximise reach of employer brand message

  • Deliver day-to-day hiring drives

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