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We are The Loves

Free 30-minute consultation & 10% Discount for TTC members

What can The Loves do for you?

We are The Loves are not your average employer brand consultants; we are storytellers, future of work visionaries, brand strategists and world-class photographers and filmmakers. All under one roof. We focus on helping you:

1.  Stand out from the crowd when your competitors are all saying the same thing

2.  Boost employee engagement and improve the employee experience

3.  Reach deeper into the labour market and increase retention

4.  Activate culture change

We believe companies should put the same level of thought and creativity into appealing to their candidates and staff as they do for their customers. Welcome to a boutique consultancy where creativity meets strategy, where we are as passionate about building your great place to work and telling its story as you are.

How does it work?

We seamlessly work from strategy to creative storytelling:

1. Shaping your unique EVP with precision

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) isn’t just jargon for us; it’s the heartbeat of your organisation. Our research mavens dive deep into your company’s DNA, engaging your people and decoding how they feel about their work. Simultaneously, we gauge how your brand shows up in the talent market. The result? An EVP that’s as authentic as it is magnetic.

2. Emotionally engaging Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

Our creative alchemists work from storyboard to production and editing to wield world-class video and photography to weave your brand narrative. Whether it’s showcasing the range of graduate careers at Unilever or conveying the essence of Q5 Partners, our lens tells stories that linger. We don’t just capture moments; we capture emotions. Because careers aren’t rational decisions; they’re emotional connections waiting to happen.

3. Measuring impact, guiding growth

We track how your EVP is gaining traction and how your employer brand and recruitment marketing campaigns are performing. Data fuels our decisions, allowing us to refine and amplify your brand’s impact over time. It’s not just about being an employer of choice; it’s about being unforgettable.

Why choose us?

No agency juggling: Seamless creativity between strategy and execution.

Business savvy: Having spent 20 years working in-house ourselves, we navigate complex stakeholder landscapes like the seasoned pros we are.

Culture architects: Beyond visuals, our work reinforces and activates brilliant workplace cultures. Purpose-driven, people-centric, emotionally-engaging —because that’s where magic happens.

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