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10% Discount for all TTC Members

Made for internal & embedded talent teams in the tech world.

PURPL provides recruitment training delivered by senior professionals from industry leading talent teams.

Why did we build Purpl?

Recruiting for tech startups is a unique challenge. Yet most training takes a generic, one-size-fits-all approach.

It’s also much harder for in-house recruiters to learn from their peers in small teams.

So we founded Purpl with 2 key aims:

1️⃣ To help people learn from the best internal recruiters outside of their 4 walls

2️⃣ To create practical & industry-specific learning content for operational level recruiters

PURPL Learning Platform

A dedicated learning platform to enable your internal or embedded talent acquisition team. Upskill, fill knowledge gaps & bring industry best practice into your function.

Who is it for?


Support your talent acquisition team to learn and improve:

  • Bring industry best practice to your function

  • Fill knowledge gaps in a time efficient way

  • Ease coaching & mentoring burden

  • Reduce time creating internal learning resources 


Something meaningful & practical to use your personal L&D budget on:

  • Support your career progression in talent acquisition

  • Become more strategic & deliver more value to your organisation

  • Priced to leave L&D budget leftover

What’s Included:

🟣 Learning platform designed to be practical, time efficient and easy to use

🟣 On-demand learning sessions delivered by 30+ senior talent professionals working at leading tech companies

🟣 New sessions added every month with current best practices

🟣 Toolkit resources such as intake sheets, scorecards & boolean creators

🟣 Dedicated learning paths

🟣 Certifications

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