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Month 1 - 50% discount (5 for €250), Month 2 - 30% discount (5 for €350) , Month 3 10% discount (5 for €450) for New Customers

Give your recruiters the knowledge they need!

There can't be many jobs more complex than that of a recruiter and the industry hasn't done a great job to enable them with the knowledge and content they need to be productive and successful. Until now. Built by recruiters for recruiters, feeds recruiters with the knowledge, content, and insights they need to be as productive as possible and act as Talent advisors.

With the recruiter enablement solution, your recruiters become knowledge-led by actively closing knowledge gaps as they work while you build a team of highly effective recruiters, nurture a knowledge-first recruiting culture, and ultimately meet your recruitment goals.

  • Staffing agencies use our solution to train your junior recruiters and give time back to your senior billers.

  • Internal talent teams create flexible recruiters who can seamlessly recruit across all of the different roles you hire for.

  • RPO and embedded providers improve and guarantee service levels for your accounts by uplifting your recruiters' productivity upon assignment.

Ready to see in Action?

We can’t wait to show The Talent Community how you can empower your talent teams to hire smarter, faster and become the best they can be!

  • Ramp up your new recruiters without impacting the rest of your team

  • Create flexible recruiters who can work across multiple roles and locations

Book a demo with us and:

  • Get an overview of our recruiter enablement solution

  • Discuss your recruiting goals with us

  • Receive discounted pricing details based on your needs

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