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The Satori Partnership

A discount of 15% or a free discovery session

There are plenty of people willing to tell you how to do things their way, with their tech and their approach.

At the Satori Partnership, we’re doing things a bit differently by sharing the best bits, proven techniques, tech and tips from a pool of experts with experience in a range of highly successful organisations around the world. 

The Satori Index

To help you cut through to what you really need, we've created The Satori Index - a matrix that measures the success of talent functions whether in a corporate or recruitment agency, including; Strategic Vision, Innovation, Data driven decision making, Technology, Culture, Change and Communication, Organisational capability and Customer Centricity. Once you've completed The Index, which will take you about 10 minutes, you'll receive a PDF report that shows you exactly where yourbest opportunities lie as well as where you're doing well: 

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