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Horsefly Analytics

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The Most Comprehensive & Accurate Labour Market Data Available

Horsefly Analytics offers the industry's most comprehensive & accurate Labour Market Intelligence platform. As companies eye growth and expansion, Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition professionals face the complex challenge of understanding and mapping critical skills across markets using Labour Market Intelligence (LMI). Make smarter and more informed hiring, workforce planning and strategic talent decisions with Horsefly, a global leader in the industry.

Make smarter and informed hiring and strategic decisions with global talent market data.

Talent Intelligence: Unleashing the Power of Human Resources and Data Analytics

Drive better talent strategy with Horsefly Talent Intelligence – the ultimate solution to all your HR challenges. Experience the fusion of people analytics, sourcing intelligence, and workforce planning. Stay ahead in the race with cutting-edge analytics, helping you make the best data-driven decisions.

Why is Talent Intelligence Important?

70% of C-level leaders believe their skills are falling behind, and more than 80% of the companies we’ve talked with worry about not being able to hire the right people.

It's time to change by embracing Talent Intelligence and shifting from operating silos to a collaborative cross-functional Intelligence Function.

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