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[Video] How to 100x Your Applicants and Retain Talent

Are you ready to improve your hiring strategy and gain access to a vast global talent pool? Clair Bush our community manager is joined by Ali Shepherd Head of Talent at Omnipresent to discuss. Watch this on-demand video to learn how to increase your applicant pool, make informed global hires and avoid common mistakes that hinder long-term retention.

More specifically, what's covered:

  • International Work Trends and Employee Sentiment: Discover what’s impacting international work and how it's influencing employee sentiment.

  • Navigating the Current Hiring Market: Gain insights into the current hiring market and learn strategies to attract top talent globally.

  • Accessing a Global Talent Pool: Learn effective methods to tap into a vast talent pool

  • Considerations in Hiring Globally: Understand what to consider when making global hires, including legal, cultural, and logistical aspects.

  • Retaining Remote Employees: Identify common mistakes employers make that hinder long-term retention and how to avoid them.

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